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Argus World Argosy: Begun in 2002, the Argus World Argosy is our signature project in which members of the ACG and others are passing a single Argus C3 camera from photographer to photographer around the globe.  Check out it's progress at:
Annual ACG Gathering in Martinsville, VA:  Each May, members of the Argus Collectors Group come from the far reaches of the planet (no kidding, really!) to get together for a weekend of camera exhibition, workshops, photo shoots, fabulous meals and comraderie in Martinsville, VA.  Doug Wilcox and Ron Norwood have instituted this annual function and serve as our gracious hosts each year. 
Argust Day: Each Argust, the ACG encourages its members and others to carry an Argus camera with them for the day and to submit photos to our online gallery. 
Photo Contests:  The ACG sponsors regular photo contests for members.  Here are links to some of the more recent contests:

Argus Museum in Ann Arbor, MI: ACG member Mark O'Brien has created a website showcasing the items on display at the Argus Museum located in the old Argus Building (now occupied by O'Neal Construction) in Ann Arbor.  See:

Contact the Argus Museum, Cheryl Chidester at:

ACG Photo Exhibition:  The original ACG photo event can be viewed online at:

A very well done site on the Argus A where you can download Hrad's book on the model A: 35mm for the Proletariat.
A treat for the low-end camera collector in each of us.
Cutting edge photography, hand tinted and alternative surfaces
A treasure trove of photographs, instruction, and Argus information - bug pics too!
Excellent camera information, technical drawings, and other fun stuff!
Alexadner Rawles:
A great source of Argus information: manuals, advertisements, etc.
James M. Surprenant:
A gallery of photographs, information on cameras and Argus related information..
Not only does he generously host the annual gathering, Doug takes some fine photographs too!
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