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Olive and chrome Argus Model A


to THE argus WORLD ARGOSY II , a very special project by and for the members of the Argus Camera Collectors Group , through which we are passing a single Argus A camera from person to person across around the world!

Each participant will make photographs with the camera and then pass it on to the next photographer on the list. Each participant may submit up to three photographs along with some comments on each image and either a self portrait or a photograph of the camera at a local landmark.

All photographs submitted will be linked to this web site.

Special thanks to:

  • Ron Norwood for donating the Argus A camera used for the Argosy.
  • Jaye for servicing the camera and preparing it for the journey.
  • Wesley Furr for moderating the Argus Collector's Group.
  • All members of the ACG who keep the legacy of these historic American cameras alive!

Did you know?

that this is the second Argus camera to be passed around the globe by members and friends of the Argus Collectors Group?  The original Argus World Argosy ran from Fall 2002 until the Winter of 2004/5.  You can visit the original Argus World Argosy website at:

Comments, questions, criticisms...

may be directed to Argus World Argosy creator and administrator, James M. Surprenant via e-mail at: