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C3 Manual: Setting the shutter
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Cock the shutter by pushing down on the shutter cocking lever as shown. You are now ready to take a picture.

The shutter speed dial (see the first reference picture) controls the length of time the shutter is open. The numbers on the dial represent fractions of a second -- 10 is 1/10 second, 300 is 1/300 and so forth.

Some models have 10 shutter speeds, some have 7 and some have 5. If your camera has 5 numbers and they are 4,5,6,7 and 8, you have a Matchmatic C3. The numbers correspond to the following settings on a standard C3:

4 = 10 (1/10)
5 = 25 (1/25)
6 = 50 (1/50)
7 = 100 (1/100)
8 = 300 (1/300)

To set the shutter speed, turn the shutter speed dial counterclockwise (to the left) until desired shutter speed is opposite the index mark. The extra force it takes to move the dial onto the 1/10 second setting (and 1/5 second on older models) is normal.

The bulb and instantaneous setting knob around the shutter release (see the second reference picture) must be on "I" when using shutter speeds on the shutter speed dial (normal picture taking).

The only time you'll set the bulb and instantaneous setting to "B" is if you want to take a time exposure. With the knob set on "B", the shutter will open when you push down on the shutter release, and remain open until you let up on the shutter release. Use a tripod or other steady support if you take time exposures.

Use the higher speeds (1/100, 1/300) in bright light. If you are taking pictures of moving subjects, try to use 1/300 if there is enough light. Use a tripod or other steady support if you use any speed between 1/5 and 1/30 second.