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C3 Manual: Loading your camera
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Open the camera by depressing the catch at the end of the camera.

Pull out rewind knob on the bottom of the camera, and insert the 35mm cartridge. Then push the rewind knob in (it may be necessary to turn it slightly).
Thread end of film completely through the slot on the takeup spindle. Turn wind knob approximately one-half turn until film folds under itself and is secure on shaft.
Give winding knob a couple of turns to make sure film is secure on takeup spindle. Make sure sprockets engage holes in film. If sprockets stop turning, release film catch (small silver button next to film counter dial). Close camera back, making sure the back cover lock slides over the catch and securely engages it.
Turn winding knob as far as it will go without forcing. Hold down film catch, and turn winding knob about a quarter turn. Release film catch and wind as far as knob will turn. Repeat this operation once more in order to take up enough film leader.

Set counter dial by turning it counter-clockwise (to the left) until '0' is opposite index line. The counter dial counts upwards, indicating the number of pictures taken. The camera is ready for the first picture.
The 'B' and 'I' dial around the shutter release must be set to 'I' at all times, unless you are taking a time exposure.