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Argus Accessories

Other Accessories

Accessory [1]
                                    FOR        Manufacturer Documentation        Contributor  Notes
                                    WA/Tele combo frame finder  C/C2/C3   Mansfield   "for argus C-3"        V. Fitzgerald [56]
                                    Quick-release idler gear    C2/C3     Geiss-Amer.  need to ask Vaughn    V. Fitzgerald [56] 
                                    PC socket adaptor           C3       "in Germany"  found on Argus C3     John Cline
                                    Photar Light Meter          any       Argus        Argus box and logo    Phil Sterritt [54] 
                                    Lever Wind Attachment       C3        Accura      "for Argus C-3"        argus@...     [53]
                                    Pocket Extinction Meter     any       Argus       "Argus, Ann Arbor"     jdudley@...   [52]
                                    Proximeter II               C3        Schneidar   "Argus C-3" on case    j.adolfi@...  [51]
                                    Plunger Release Button      A         Argus        Code AREL, C. 1937    Kirk Kekatos  [55]
                                    Underwater Housing          C3        Seahawk     "Argus C3" casting     Ted Hays      [50]
                                    Filter Kit for Argus C-3    C3        Kodak       "for C-3" on box       Phil Sterritt
                                    flash extension cord        C3        Ralph Ramey  see note [49]         Ralph Ramey   [49]
                                    CBS Focusing Adaptor        C3, 21    CBS Lab.     1955 Pop Photo Guide  Bill Persing  [48]
                                    relfex housing and bellows  C3        Cam. Imp.    Aug, 1955 Pop Photo   Phil Sterrit  [46]
                                    Stereo-Tach                 C3        ?            50's photo mags       Phil Sterrit  [46]
                                    Slide Copier VI-50          C3        Accura      "for Argus" inst.      George O'Neal [47]    
                                    Arguskit (ARKIT)            w/AB      Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt [37] 
                                    Microsope Adaptor (AXMET)   A         Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt 
                                    Argus Red Filter (FILRED)   A         Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt [39]
                                    Argus Enlarger E (ENLO)     A         Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt [45]    
                                    Lens Accssory Kit (CEKIT)   C         Argus        Original C brochure   Phil Sterritt [38] 
                                    Lens Accesory Kit (SOMTA)   A         Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt [43]
                                    Lens Accesory Kit (SAFFO)   A         Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt [44]
                                    Argus Safety Screw (SAFE)   A         Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt [41]
                                    Arguslide Proj. (SLIPRO)    any 35mm  Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt
                                    Arguslide w/case (SLIPCO)   any 35mm  Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt
                                    Glass Slidekit (SLIKIT)     any 35mm  Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt
                                    Arguslide Binder (SLIBIN)   any 35mm  Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt [40]
                                    Slidekit + Binder (SLIBIK)  any 35mm  Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt
                                    Argus Redycase (REDCA)      A         Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt
                                    Argus Zipper Case (BLANKA)  A         Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt [42]
                                    Argus Zipper Case (SWAKA)   A         Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt [42]
                                    Argus Delux Case (LUXCA)    A         Argus        Argus Brochure        Phil Sterritt
                                    Super Redycase (CECA)       early C   Argus        Original C brochure   Phil Sterritt 
                                    focusing mount              Argus A   Don          Ad 1939  Pop Photo    Mike Reitsma  [36]
                                    f3.5 aux telephoto (big)    C3        Hagon       "fits C3" ebay text    ebay          [35]
                                    universal finder            Argus     Accura      "for Argus" on box     Bob Kelly     [34]   
                                    iris diaphram contol        C-C3      EdnaLite    "for C3" in inst.      Mike Reitsma   [2]
                                    extension tube set          C-C3      Accura      "for C2/C3" on box     Mike Reitsma   [3]
                                    filter & lens shade set     C-C3      Waltz       "for C3" on shade      Mike Reitsma   [4]
                                    EA enlarger                 A         Argus        instruction book      Mike Reitsma   [5]
                                    EA-2 enlarger               A         Argus        Pop. Photography      Mike Reitsma  [12] 
                                    Argostat enlarger           C-C3      Argus        Pop. Photography      Mike Reitsma  [13] 
                                    "macro attachment"          ?         Argus        Lahue and Bailey      Mike Reitsma   [6]
                                    Techniscope copy device     ?         Argus        Lahue and Bailey      Mike Reitsma   [7]
                                    coupled rangefinder         AF        Laub         Lahue and Bailey      Mike Reitsma   [6]
                                    Speed-O-Copy                C-C3      Shull        Lahue and Bailey      Mike Reitsma   [6]
                                    Rapid Wind for C4           C4        Accura       C4 on box             Bob Kelly      [8]       
                                    Flash to PC adapter         C3        unknown      fits a C3             Bob Kelly      [9]
                                    Tripod adapter              A         unknown      fits Argus A          Bob Kelly     [10]
                                    Flash Extension Cord        C3        unknown     "C3" on the box        Bob Kelly     [11]
                                    Flash Synchronizer NO 2     C         Ley          clearly made for C    Fred Schwartz [14]
                                    "Telephoto Aux Lens 35mm"   C-C3      Gruenex      fits a C3             Phil Sterritt
                                    35mm Aux Telephoto Model A  C-C3      Spiratone    fits a C3             Phil Sterritt [15]
                                    Wide Angle Aux Lens Model A C-C3      Spiratone    fits a C3             Phil Sterritt [15]
                                    Tripod adapter              A-series  Wm. J. Grace fits A                Phil Sterritt [16]
                                    Argus C,C2,C3 Filter Kit    C-C3      Tiffen       labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [17] 
                                    Model G Precision sunshade  C-C3      Chess-United labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [18]
                                    Self timer                  all       Kopil        labeled "for Argus"   Phil Sterritt [19]
                                    Lens shade                  C-C3      Argus        labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [20]
                                    Argus 24mm Adapter Ring     A2        Argus        labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [21]
                                    Copy lens                   A/A2 only Argus        labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [22]
                                    Dark yellow filter 4x       C-C3      Argus        labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [23]
                                    Light yellow filter 2x      C-C3      Argus        labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [24]
                                    Ultra-violet Haze Filter    C-C3      Argus        labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [25]
                                    Model C Portrait Attachment C-C3      Argus        labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [26]
                                    Model C Copying Attachment  C-C3      Argus        labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [27]
                                    828 film adapter            TLRs      unknown      no labeling           Phil Sterritt [28]
                                    Slip-on Lens accessories    M         Argus        labeled on case       Phil Sterritt [29]
                                    Argus slide kit             all 35's  Argus        labeled on box        Phil Sterritt [30]
                                    PreViewer slide viewer      all       Argus        labeled,instructions  Phil Sterritt [31]
                                    Micrograin Easel            all       Argus        labeled               Phil Sterritt [32]
                                    Jig-A-Mat Easel             all       Argus        labeled               Phil Sterritt [33]
                                    [1] This table is only for accessories that do not fit into the
                                    categories that already exist in the website. The existing
                                    categories are interchangagle lenses, finders, light meters,
                                    and flashes. Argus codewords are in parenthesis if known. 
                                    [2] Used to grasp the diaphram dial on the front of the C/C2/C3. 
                                    Says "Chess United U. S. A." on it.
                                    [3] Comes in nice little wooden box that says "for C2/C3." Three
                                    lengths that screw together to make various magnification
                                    [4] Says "FOR ARGUS C3" (engraved on lens shade). Contains UV, 
                                    light yellow, dark yellow, daylight->type-A-film (light orange),
                                    and photoflood->daylight-type-film (dark blue) filters. All in
                                    a nice leather carrying case.
                                    [5] This enlarger was made to use the Argus A as the lens assembly.
                                    If you didn't have an Argus A, Argus sold a lens assembly that
                                    could be used with the enlarger. A couple ACG members have the
                                    latter product in their collections, but no one to my knowledge
                                    has the "EA" enlarger shown on the Argus instructions.
                                    [6] Mentioned in Glass, Brass, & Chrome by Kalton C. Lahue and 
                                    Joseph A. Bailey, pages 149-150.
                                    [7] Mentioned in Glass, Brass, & Chrome by Kalton C. Lahue and 
                                    Joseph A. Bailey as a copy stand and microsope adaptor, 
                                    page 149.
                                    [8] Clamps on a C4 film advance knob with set screws to provide thumb advance.
                                    Has a ASA reminder wheel on top.
                                    [9] Small molded plastic device.  Prongs stick out to fit the C3 flash sockets.
                                    On the opposite side is a PC connector.  Used to convert to a flash with
                                    a pc cord.
                                    [10] A clamp on device to provide a tripod mounting plate on the bottom of
                                    early Argus A which did not have a tripod mount built in.
                                    [11] "Koiled-Kord" allows the standard C3 flash to be held in the hand away
                                    from the camera. About 24 inches long, standard C3 flash prongs on one 
                                    end and about 24 inches long, standard C3 flash prongs on one end and 
                                    standard C3 flash receptical in a molded plastic shape on the other end.
                                    In a plastic box.
                                    [12] Found in Popular Photography equipment guide, May 1940. Looks like the
                                    [13] Found in Popular Photography equipment guide, May 1940. This enlarger is
                                    somewhat similar in appearance to the EA and EA-2, but takes the C-C3
                                    lenses rather than the A camera as the projection lens. 
                                    [14] I bought a C this summer with a flash synchroniser on it. It's a flat
                                    piece of black plastic ( bakelite? ) about 5/16 inch thick on the lower
                                    left of the front of the camera (looking at the front of the camera). It
                                    is L shaped, with a chrome L shaped piece along the f\left side and
                                    bottom and has a screw through each end of this L pice into the camera
                                    body for attachment. There is a recessed two-prong connector in the left
                                    edge to take a flash cable. The bakelite piece has a little notch that
                                    fits up against the pin under the range finder wheel and a curved notch
                                    to fit around where the idler wheel would be on the C2. Contact is made
                                    through an arm bolted to the top of the shutter cocking lever that
                                    contacts a brass pin in the bakelite when the shutter is fired. I took a
                                    picture of it, but black-on-black just didn't show much detail. The
                                    chrome trim piece has "LEY SPECIAL NO 2" stamped into it. Do you have
                                    anything like this so far?
                                    Further info on the Ley Synchronizer, from May, 1940 Popular Photography
                                    (Directory of Photgraphic Equipment) page 186:
                                    "Specially for Argus Models C and C-2; synchronizes at speeds up to1/200th
                                    sec., 7" adj. aplanatic reflector; quick change socket; battery case;
                                    synchronizing switch. Price, with batteries, $5.00. MFR., Ley Photolite
                                    Co." From index at back of issue: "Ley Photolite Co., 1627 Carmen Ave,
                                    Chicago, Ill." [There is a photo showing the L-shaped mechanism that
                                    Fred described mounted near the shutter cocking lever.]
                                    [15] "Made in Japan"
                                    [16] Manufactured by Wm. J. Grace, Dallas TX. Attaches to bottom two lens
                                    mounting screws of model A.
                                    [17] Includes aperture adapter ring, lens shade that screws in even with
                                    aperture ring on and takes series V filters, selection of filters.
                                    [18] Also a filter holder. Box says "for Argus C, C2, C3  Leica 50mm Elmar f:3.5."
                                    [19] Standard cable release thread. Says "for Argus" on its plastic box.
                                    [20] "Part No. C-100"
                                    [21] Also engraved Argus on ring 1878 on box.
                                    [22] Also engraved Argus on ring, "Part S-3" on box.
                                    [23] "Part No. C-63 Code Word-CEFOR" on box.
                                    [24] "Part No. C-61 Code Word-CETU" on box.
                                    [25] "Part No. C-81 Code Word-CETRA" on box.
                                    [26] "Part No. C-77 Code Word-CIPOR" on box.
                                    [27] "Part No. C-78 Code Word-CICOP" on box.
                                    [28] Slip-in metal film plane mask and adapters for film spool ends.
                                    Came with one of my Argoflexes, but could conceivably be TLR-generic.
                                    [29] Fits Model M only. Includes portrait & copy lenses, 2x yellow filter, lens shade.
                                    [30] Slide binders, glass and cardboard. Instructions mention available "Arguslide 
                                    Binder" which "semi-automatically seals the slide glasses together ..."
                                    [31] From the Sylvania era.
                                    [32] 11x14" darkroom easel with cropping blades and built-in grain focuser.
                                    [33] 8x10" "speed" darkroom easel with various shaped numbered removable
                                    sections for making photo montages.
                                    [34] This viewfinder fits in the accessory shoe, the finder without masks
                                    is for 35mm, quarter size masks are added to the front for normal and
                                    tele.  The box says " Model 50 for Argus, Other 35mm cameras With 50mm
                                    [35] I lost track of what member contributed this one.
                                    [36] From May, 1939 Popular Photography, page 116:
                                    Don Precision Focusing Mount
                                    "Focus your Argus exactly from infinity down to 
                                    3 ft. by means of a screw ring, like higher-priced
                                    minicams. We use a microscope to adjust the DON 
                                    MOUNT on your Argus. Only $2.50. Write for free
                                    THE KENYON PATTEE COMPANY, INC.
                                    Essex, Connecticut
                                    From index at back of issue:
                                    "Kenyon-Pattee Co., Inc., Sawbrook, Conn."
                                    [37] The Arguskit includes:
                                    AB camera, lens shade S-1, portraint attachment S-2, copy attachment S-3,
                                    yellow filter S-4, yellow filter S-5, rubber lens cap S-6, lens accesory
                                    case S-7, 2 "slidekits", one "Arguslide", one "Arguskit" utility cabinet,
                                    Model E enlarge, Model CP Projector. Codeword ARKIT, part no. K-2. List
                                    price $50.00. 
                                    [38] This kit includes (from original S-F-switch C brochure):
                                    CINSE  C-60 lens shade
                                    CETU   C-61 2X yellow filter
                                    CETRI  C-62 3X green filter
                                    CEFOR  C-63 4X yellow filter
                                    CEFI   C-64 5X read filter
                                    CABA   C-71 cable release
                                    CINCA  C-65 leather accessory case
                                    List price $10.00
                                    [39] According to the Argus brochure, this is an infrared filter (must be
                                    almost black) and "it is absolutely necessary that the red filter be
                                    used with infrared film" though earlier in the description it says it
                                    gives "the much desired dark sky effect with panchromatic film."
                                    [40] The Arguslide Binder is a jig for alligning the components of an
                                    Arguslide. "Molded in aluminum and sponge rubber which semi-automat-
                                    ically seals the slide glasses together quickly and neatly."
                                    [41] Screws into tripod socket of Argus A to "prevent possibility of 
                                    camera accidentally falling out of case." 
                                    [42] BLANCA is the codeword for the black leather zipper case. SWACA is
                                    the codeword for the suede zipper case. These have a belt loop like
                                    the cases for a cellular phone or calculator.
                                    [43] Argus Lens Accessory Kit SOMTA (S-8) includes:
                                    SUNSE S-1 lens shade
                                    SORCA S-2 portrait attachment No. 3
                                    SOPLU S-3 portrait attachment No. 2
                                    SILSA S-4 yellow filter 2X
                                    SELRO S-5 yellow filter 4X
                                    SUBSU S-6 rubber lens cap 
                                    SARCI S-7 lens accessory case
                                    [44] The SAFFO Lens Accessory Kit (SAF-8) is "for Model AF only (same as
                                    S-8 without portrait and copy lenses which are replaced by red filter
                                    and safety screw)." [Who's got a rational explanation for this one?] 
                                    [45] The Argus Enlarger (codeword ENLO, Part No. AE, Model E) is 35" tall
                                    when fully extended and had a shipping weight of 14 lbs. List Price
                                    was $12.50 contemporary with the early A cameras.
                                    [46] Quote from Phil Sterret: 
                                    Speaking of accessories, I found this on pg. 123 of the Aug 1955 Popular
                                    Photography.  Camera Import Corp. of NYC offered the following "Brand New
                                    "Argus C-3 Reflex Housing with EXTENSION BELLOWS, converts your Argus to a
                                    Single Lens Reflex System.  Parallax-free viewing for Telephoto, Close-up
                                    and Macrophotography.  Incorporated focusing eye-piece, accepts all lenses
                                    and accessories....... $35.95"
                                    Also available in the same ad under the Argus C-3 Accessories section:
                                    Telephoto and Wideangle Attachment for Argus C-3..... $14.95 each
                                    100mm f4.5 Sandmar telephoto..... $36.95
                                    Viewfinder..... 2.80
                                    135mm f3.5 Telephoto Lens...... 39.95
                                    Adapter Ring, and Three Filters  for Argus C-3..... 6.95
                                    35mm f4.5 Wide Angle Sandmar..... 36.95
                                    Stereo Attachment for Argus C-3..... 12.95
                                    There is a very small, indistinct (almost generic) line drawing of the
                                    reflex housing and bellows -- none of the other accessories are illustrated
                                    or further identified. I also saw the Stereo-Tach accessory for the C3
                                    C3 advertised in 50s-vintage photo mags, both by itself (around $25.00)
                                    and in Spiratone ads.
                                    [47] George O'Neal had (and since sold) a model VI-44 for 44mm lenses. The instruc-
                                    tions for this device showed the model VI-50 and indicated that this model
                                    was for use with the Argus C3.
                                    [48] Documentation from Bill Persing:
                                    CBS Focusing Adapter.  Adjustable focusing body with inner and outer 
                                    lens seats providing 1 1/4 in. travel of lens for use with Leica, 
                                    Contax, Nikon, Argus, C2, C-2 and 21, Tower, Canon, Nicca, Leotax,
                                    Tanack 35, Kardon; also Exakta, Exa, Alpa, Praktica FX, Praktiflex FX,
                                    Pentacon, Contax S & D, Rectaflex; permits working distances from
                                    infinity to 5x magnification; includes adjustible focusing body with
                                    lens plate, spacer, and clamping ring; designed for use with 35-mm
                                    cameras and Focaslide, Speed-O-Copy, or Stewartry copying attachments,
                                    and for use with reflex cameras mentioned above. Price $45. Available
                                    accessory includes CBSTAR 50-mm f/3.5 coated lens in sunk mount with
                                    front diaphragm adjustment; price, $30. MRR., CBS Laboratories, 561
                                    Crescent Avenue, Buffalo 14, N.Y.
                                    [There is a small picture of it on (alas) an Exakta; it seems to be a 
                                    large metal tube with a couple of smaller tubes coming out the end.]
                                    [49] An amazing story from Ralph Ramey:
                                    Because a side-of-camera mounted flashgun afforded no ability for light from
                                    other directions or room for exposure adjustment with old Kodachrome, I built
                                    a flash extension cord for my C-3. I was working in a camera store at the
                                    time, and the Argus salesman (whose name eludes but I want to say herb Hall)
                                    as if he could sell them for me. I said yes and I made them and supplied them
                                    to him for several years. I had 3', 6', and 10' lengths. A couple of years
                                    ago, I found one on a junk close-out table in a Peoria camera store. It was
                                    still in the envelope that I had supplied it in. Needless to say, I bought it.
                                    I had not seen one for thirty years.
                                    [50] Sent from Mail Form posted at:
                                    (ACG HELP FORM)  ACG, I NEED HELP!!
                                    (YOUR NAME NAME)  Ted Hays
                                    (YOUR E-MAIL)
                                    I need help!!! Some time ago I was given an Argus C3 in what I believe
                                    is a cast aluminum underwater housing.   I have not been able to any info
                                    on this housing other than the compny that made it went out of business
                                    a long time ago. The housing is blue. The lens says it is a Mark II made 
                                    by Seahawk Products. "Argus C3" is casted on the front of the housing (the
                                    letters stick out). I'm looking forward to hearing from you folks.
                                    Thanks in advance for your help....TED
                                    [51] An item found on ebay:
                                    This accessory is for the Argus C-3 35mm. camera. It is the
                                    Proximeter II. Designed as a close up attachment for the Argus.
                                    The range of the close-up is 20-13 inches. The attachment comes in
                                    two pieces: 1.) Two lense front attachment. 2.) Underlying piece
                                    that attaches to the bottom of the camera and a rod that extends
                                    out in front of the camera to secure the front piece (1.). All in
                                    excellent like new shape. Comes in a brown triangle case and this
                                    fits in a brown box (original ) with the wording on the front.
                                    Instructions are included. the words Schneider of Hamburg Germany
                                    appear on the unit. Please pay by money order and add $4 shipping.
                                    My Dad bought this in the 1950's and hardly used it and has been
                                    stored all these years.
                                    [52] An item found on ebay:
                                    This is a small Argus plastic slide rule with a rotating
                                    extinction meter dial riveted to one side. 1" wide by 3-1/4" long
                                    by 1/8" thick. To use it you move the slide on the back to the
                                    extreme top, out of the way of the viewing hole. Then you look at
                                    the scene you are viewing through the hole while rotating the
                                    extinction dial until your scene just barely disappears. Now you
                                    read the number at the index arrow and turn the dial over. You
                                    find the scale (of four) on the back right side that corresponds
                                    to your light conditions and slide the slide until your Weston
                                    film speed is opposite the extinction number you observed. (Weston
                                    = ASA x 0.8.) Shutter speeds and apertures are now read off the
                                    left side. Simple, eh? But how else can you carry an exposure
                                    meter unnoticed in your shirt pocket. Both the meter: and its
                                    leather sheath are in excellent condition. On the front is printed
                                    in red and black "Best Exposures" are made with ARGUS cameras *
                                    Argus, Ann Arbor, Michigan". 
                                    [53] An item found on ebay:
                                    This is a neat little gadget, which is an after-market accessory
                                    for your Argus C-3. Instead of turning the knob to advance the
                                    film with this attached, you just use the ratcheted advance
                                    lever.It attaches to the wind knob with a set screw. 
                                    [54] From Phil Sterritt:
                                    Just got a brief description of a light meter sold by Argus, 
                                    pre-war period most likely.  It's called the 'Photar', and he 
                                    describes it as a bakelite 'box' with a dial not unlike the one 
                                    on the A3/CC, calibrated in Weston speeds.  It came in a blue
                                    Argus box and has the Argus logo.  Sounds like it may have been
                                    made by someone else and sold by Argus.  Something to look out
                                    [55] Hi Bob & ACG,
                                    In a recent posting I stated that Argus sold these as an 
                                    accessory. Argus codeword AREL:
                                          Plunger Release Button, price: 28 cents in 1939.  Kirk
                                     [56] From Vaughn Fitzgerald, via Phil Sterritt:
                                          Vaughn Fitzgerald, avid snailmail member, mentioned the 
                                          following items after I sent him your latest accessories list:
                                          Accessory                For      Manufacturer
                                          Spring coupling gear     C2/C3    Geiss-America
                                          -- a 'quick-change' replacement idler gear to simplify lens
                                             changing.  Not sure how it works, but presumably easier 
                                             than unscrewing the OEM version. 
                                          Combo WA/Tele finder w/  C/C2/C3  Mansfield
                                          50mm sportsfinder
                                          -- metal frame multi-lens finder that clips on top of the C3.
                                          Regarding the 35mm Zeika lens, Vaughn also mentioned that he 
                                          has a 'Zeika Optco Tokyo ROJAR' 80mm f3.5 lens in Exakta mount.