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Ilex Optical Co

           Ilex Optical Co. is the same one who made the lens-shutter
                                    assenbly for the Argus A. I'm relatively sure that there was only one
                                    Ilex Optical Co. I believe they also made a shutter for larger format
                                    called ACME ILEX. I wonder if Ilex had any connection with Wollensak.
                                    Some of their products looked pretty similar.
                                    Some of the other Argus cameras, (E series TLR,s and maybe
                                    FA,s) used Wollensak "Alphax" shutters, which were similar to the Ilex.
                                    The Argus E shutter is marked "Wollensak Rochester USA" and the FA
                                    shutter has no such marking, but they sure look a lot alike, as well
                                    as some of the later A2B,s shutters.
                                              Bob Kelly or Phil Sterrit or Carl Turner might have some comment
                                    about this subject.
                                    Here is what Lahue and Bailey* say about the Argus A and Ilex:
                                    "The Argus A incorporated an Ilex combination designed especially for
                                    its use: the 50mm IRCF f/4.5 anastigmat lens mounted in a self-cocking
                                    Argus-Ilex-Precise shutter......the suspicion that its rated aperture
                                    was not f/4.5 was widely held in the trade.....Interested persons still
                                    maintain that bench testing of the Argus A's lens proves it to be about
                                    f/6.3 in aperture, with a shutter correspondingly slower than marked to
                                    compensate........It appears that this lens and shutter cost IRC $1."
                                    *Lahue & Bailey, "Glass, Brass, & Chrome", 1972, U. of Oklahoma Press,
                                    Norman, p.139.