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Argus View Finders

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 12:29:24 EDT
                                    Subject: Argus Finders
                                    Hi all,
                                    I've got a couple of questions that I'm sure someone on this list knows the
                                    answer to.  
                                    First,  I picked up a shoe mounted finder recently that is marked "Sandmar
                                    100mm."  It is the tubular sight type finder, actually shaped more like a
                                    Grecian urn on its side.  It has a parallax correction feature on the eyeball
                                    side as well.  I assumed it would slide into the Argus C3 accessory shoe and
                                    be usuable with the TeleSandmar 100.  Wrong!   Not only is the shoe too small
                                    for the C3 accessory shoe but it is too small for a standard flash/accessory
                                    shoe on any camera I have.  The foot is narrow at only about .55 inches.  What
                                    the heck did I end up with here?  What other cameras used a Sandmar lens?  The
                                    shoe is as manufactured with original finish so I would rule out it having
                                    been custom machined.  
                                    Second Query for the collected expertice here:
                                    I have picked up two Soligar 135 lenses for the C3, one user with good glass
                                    but some corrosion and one really nice one from Bob Kelly out at the
                                    Washington show last weekend.  What I'm wondering now is what kind of finder
                                    was originally supplied with the Soligar?  Was is a viewfinder mask similar to
                                    the TeleSandmar clip in mask or was there an actual shoe mounted finder
                                    available?  Does anyone have one of these?  (More importantly, does anyone
                                    have an extra one they'd like to let me have ;^)  
                                    I picked up a 135mm finder at the show that is apparently for a Tanack camera,
                                    some sort of Leica copy I think.  The foot is wide enough for the C3 shoe but
                                    is neither fat enough or does not have the spring clip type thing that the
                                    real C3 accessories have but I think I can glue on a filler plate of some sort
                                    and have it slide in securely with a little work.  A project if I can't come
                                    up with a real Soligar finder I guess.  
                                    I used the heck out of my C3 outfit on my vacation BTW.  The cameras just ran
                                    better and better the more film I ran through them.  I'm almost thinking of
                                    them at real honest to goodness user cameras now.  Going back to some average
                                    boring conventional camera will seem like no sport at all after doing all that
                                    toggling and winding and cocking on the C3's!  
                                    Carl Turner

Subject: Re: Argus Finders
                                    I have a September 1952, Modern Photography with a Geiss advertisement.
                                    It is selling the New Tele-Sandmar 100mm lens.  
                                    (this is not an Argus ad)
                                    It shows the finder on a C3. There seems to be a plate added to the top
                                    of the C3.  It looks to be held in place by the small screw above the
                                    viewfinder and the round silver plate above the range finder window. 
                                    The plate is about 1.25 inches wide and fits on top of the camera. It
                                    seem to cover the top of the camera from front to back.
                                    Bob Kelly