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C44 Lens Replacement
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C44 Lens Replacement

Subject: Re: C44 lens replacement
                                    In a message dated 98-05-17 10:49:49 EDT, you write:
                                    >  Dear Sir:
                                    >  I am a rookie in ACG and just got a C-44.  However, I am so familiar
                                    >  with the inchangeable lens.  Would you please be so kind telling me how
                                    >  to take off the lens?  Thanks.
                                    >  Richard
                                    Hi Richard,
                                    Those C44 lenses are incidious in their operation.  Certainly keeps thieves
                                    from stealing your lenses but leaving the body behind ;^)   Once you're onto
                                    how it works it's quite easy to do.  
                                    >From the C44 manual more or less:
                                    To remove the lenses turn the focus to infinity.  Hold camera in your left
                                    hand such that the rangefinder dial and lens mount are free to turn.  Hold
                                    lens with right hand and push up on the lens lock release (push it towards the
                                    lens).  Then give the lens a quarter turn counterclockwise (to the left).
                                    Lift the lens out.  
                                    >From personal experience, if the camera has not had the lens removed in a long
                                    time, it may not come off per the instructions easily the first time.  Don't
                                    force anything but just kind of jiggle the release lock (the little lever with
                                    the red dot on the bottom of the lens mount) while turning and it should let
                                    go eventually.  
                                    Again from the manual:  
                                    To install a lens- align the red dots on the body lens mount and align the red
                                    dots on the rear of the of the lens.  Place the lens on the mount so the notch
                                    on the rear of the lens fits over the square porjection on the camera mount.
                                    When seated rotate the lens clockwise to lock.  Check to see that the lens is
                                    locked on- it should not turn.  Avoid changing lenses in direct sunlight and
                                    be mindful of the shutter leaves in the body.  
                                    So let me know if this makes any sense and if you get the darned thing loose!
                                    Carl Turner