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From (sterritt)
                                    Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 08:10:22 -0600
                                    Subject: Soligor 35mm for C-3
                                    I recently acquired a Soligor 35mm wideangle for the C-3.  It's an
                                    interesting lens -- brushed chrome, unlike their black 135mm tele, and it
                                    at a superficial glance it looks optically very much like the Sandmar 35mm.
                                    It came with an accessory viewfinder which clips on over the top of the body
                                    and adds optics to the front of the regular viewfinder to give the wideangle
                                    view.  I didn't get any viewfinder with my 135 -- does anyone know if it came
                                    with an optical viewfinder, or just masks?
                                    Phil Sterritt

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 16:59:46 -0700
                                    Subject: Re: Soligor 35mm for C-3
                                    I checked several of my boxed lenses and only found clip-on masks with
                                    the 135mm lenses.
                                    There is also  Fujitar 35mm and a 135mm  lenses
                                    I have also a Soligor 135mm f4.5 that is chrome and about twice the size
                                    as the common Fujitar and Soligor black 135mm.  It came in a red wood
                                    box. It also says ELEPHOTO on the lens.
                                    The other 135mm I have is a Robin .  It seems to be exactly like the
                                    Soligor and Fujitar.  It came in a green paper box and has a clip on
                                    Bob Kelly