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                                    > (YOUR NAME NAME)  NAME Pat DePasquale
                                    > (QUESTION)  I signed up as member of the ACG about ten minutes ago. 
                                    Not sure exactly how to contact the organization on-line.  I collect
                                    older cameras using 120 or 35mm.  The other day I went to the
                                    Brimfield flea market and came home with a C-2, a C-3, and an
                                    International Research (if memory serves me correctly) Macro kit for C
                                    or C-2 Argus.  I got the lens off the C-2 and attached the macro
                                    adapter ring to one of the two extension tubes that can be threaded
                                    into the lens mount.  Seems to work fine.  The kit consists of a set
                                    of four legs that screw into the adapter ring, two sets of leg
                                    inserts, two stackable extension tubes, two metal plates of different
                                    sizes painted white on one side and black on the other into which the
                                    legs can be fit, an adapter ring that holds to an extension tube by a
                                    set-screw, and a ground glass insert to facilitate focusing.  The
                                    entire caboodle along with a set of instructions is in a rather
                                    elegant black leather covered box marked ARGUS in the top left outside
                                    corner.  It's fitted with a formed blue plush insert.  The plush is
                                    sun faded but true color under the plates.  No, I am not soliciting
                                    offers but am curious as to whether or not this item is familiar to
                                    any of you.  I do intend to use it to make some negatives and prints.