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Extinction Meter Use
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Extinction Meter Use

                                    >Could someone explain to me how an extinction meter is supposed to work
                                    (especially the table on the top) of an A2B?
                                    >Remote IP:
                                    This is a good question. I am sending this reply back to acg so if
                                    someone wants to add to it they can.
                                    Instead of quoting the Argus Model A  and  A2  book, (both
                                    are covered in the same instruction book), I'll try to say it a little
                                    simpler than they do. There are two sliding tabs on top of the camera. With
                                    the camera facing away from you and the numbers appearing right-side-up on
                                    the sliding tabs, the tab farthest from you, (which we will call tab A),
                                    sets the "WESTON" film speed rating. This rating is comparable to today's
                                    ISO film speed ratings, but is a somewhat different numerical scale. The
                                    tab nearest you, (which we will call tab B), sets the exposure and we will
                                    explain how after we have learned how to set it. First set the film speed
                                    rating by sliding tab A on tab B until the highest number that can be read
                                    (12, 20, 40, or 72) is the same as (or near) the speed rating of the film
                                    you are using. during the next steps be sure this setting does not get
                                    changed. From this step foreward, the two tabs should move together as a
                                    unit. Set the arrow on tab B to "bright, average, cloudy, or light int" on
                                    the left side scale. Now, while holding the camera at approximately arm's
                                    length, look through the long window beside the viewfinder and slide the
                                    bridge (the two tabs as a unit) until the little pointer on the bridge
                                    which is  visible in the window rests on the dimmest step in the window.
                                    Look back on top of the camera and you will find a vertical column of
                                    shutter speeds just to the left of the arrow on the bridge. Choose a
                                    shutter speed in that column and staying in the same horizontal column,
                                    read the lens opening to the right on the bridge.Good luck!
                                    If someone else can say this more simply please jump in.