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Enna Lenses

>Could you lead me to more informaion on Enna.   Or tell me more about
                                    >what you know
                                    They were a relatively small optical concern in Germany which produced some
                                    relatively fine lenses, given their small size.  They produced a range of
                                    lenses for the Corfield cameras and for the later Argus cameras.  
                                    They DID make the 1.5/85 Lithagon which I used to own but, stupidly, sold.
                                    Ah, well.  Someday, I'll meet another...

From Marc James Small
                                    ENNA is a small optical house which made a lot of middle-line lenses for
                                    LTM, M42, and Exakta in the 1950's and 1960's.  Their lenses were the
                                    regular lens line for the British Corfield LTM clones, though marked with
                                    the Corfield lens:  this Ennalyt 1.9/50 is identical to the "Lumax" of the
                                    same specification, I believe.

                                    I think that is right about the C44 and C44r, and I have Enna lens that
                                    was made for the Braun Paxette line as well. I have a Enna-Werk Munchen 
                                    Tele-Ennalyt 1:3.5 F-13.5  ( Red C ) Nr. 2635546. This lens produces pretty
                                    fair results and the construction is turned aluminum with a polished finish
                                    that is very good quality.