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> >> At a recent trade show in Pennsylvania, I ran into a fellow who was
                                    > >showing a dealer his C3T (titanium).  I engaged him in
                                    > >> conversation and he told me that he was a machinist
                                    > >> and that the Argus C3 he reworked was jsut for fun.
                                    > >> The think looked as though it came from the manufacturer,
                                    > >> in fact, his work was superb.  He didn't want to sell the
                                    > >> camera, though, just showed it around.  Perhaps a machinist
                                    > >> some time ago played the same game with one of the
                                    > >> earlier Argus bakelite bodies.  Judging from the
                                    > >> work that this man did on his Argus, you'd have a
                                    > >> hard time believing that it wasn't done by the
                                    > >> camera manufacturer.  Rob
                                    I've seen that C3T also.  He's got it modified to take Universal thread
                                    mount lenses.  It's a very nice piece of work, much nicer than most
                                    current manufacturers are making.

Of course, the first thing I tried to do was get him to sell it to me. If you
                                    noticed, he had 3 seperate flash synchs built into the thing, including a hot
                                    shoe.  Where do I sign up?  I mentioned in my initial post that I had a
                                    Bausch and Lomb  75 mm with case for the C3 and I was curious as to how rare
                                    it is.  I also have a C with the speed selector switch, it's mentioned in
                                    McKeowns as rare, but I wonder if any else has one.  If anyone is interested,
                                    I have a mint- Black 135mm Soligor for the C3 that I'd like to trade/sell, if
                                    you know anyone who is interested.

> Hello Tom and all,
                                    > A little while back someone had mentioned seeing an
                                    > Argus T3, a highly modified C3 done up in nicely 
                                    > machined titanium and aluminum etc.  Anyway, I have 
                                    > some photos of this creature.  I know the fellow who 
                                    > made it and he kindly gave me a few pictures to share
                                    > with the group.  He's not on the internet.  (I think 
                                    > he spends too much time in the workshop.   ) )  I 
                                    > know some people aren't too keen about receiving binaries
                                    > in e-mail, so I was wondering if the pictures could 
                                    > be posted on the website.  Let me know where I should
                                    > send the JPEGs if you are interested.
                                    > Colin

Here they are.  The name of the fellow that made this camera is Lloyd
                                    Collander, a pretty good machinist as you can see.  He is from the
                                    Philadelphia area and stops by the camera store where I work
                                    occassionally.  He's not on the internet, so I asked him if I could show
                                    off his long running project for him--the Argus T3.  The front and rear
                                    plates are now a high quality anodized aluminum.  The cocking lever,
                                    strap lugs and accessory shoes (three) are very nicely done in
                                    titanium.  The camera has two pc X syncs.  The VF on top is from Argus
                                    and has a flip down mask for a longer lens. The lens mount has been
                                    changed to standard 42mm with correct film to flange distance so the
                                    distance scale is accurate.  The lens pictured is an Auto-Takumar 35
                                    2.3.  I believe this would qualify as 'hot-rodding'.