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> ACG,
                                    >   Well designed site! It's time the old American
                                    > cameras got some attention.  I have an Argus
                                    > C (not C2/C3) question:
                                    > I found an Argus C in an old camera store in
                                    > Millbrae, California recently but was somewhat
                                    > disapointed to find (after I brought the camera
                                    > home) that the small rangefinder window was mis-
                                    > sing the clear plastic cover that you find on
                                    > all the C3's. It crossed my mind that since this
                                    > was a relatively early camera that perhaps this 
                                    > was correct and that the first C's just had a
                                    > direct vison peep-hole for the small rangefinder
                                    > path - though I wasn't very confident of this.
                                    > Then a while later (while visiting Minnesota) I
                                    > found an even earlier C (the one with the switch
                                    > for slow speeds). It didn't have the plastic cover
                                    > either. Could it be that the earliest C's were all
                                    > this way? Or was the attachment of the small range-
                                    > finder cover one more of the C's design flaws?
                                    >                          Thanks,
                                    >                          Mike Reitsma

Date: Sun, 10 Aug 1997 09:55:38 -0400 (EDT)
                                    I have three Argus C models, including one with the speed selector switch.
                                    None of the three has a window cover in front or in the rear.  This leads me
                                    to believe that they were not part of the camera, particularly since yours
                                    are missing as well.  Does anyone have a C with this cover?  Rob Rielly

From: "Charles E. Spickard, Sr." 
                                    Subject: Model C rangefinder windows
                                    Re whether the C had a plastic cover on the front of the rangefinder focusing
                                    wheel, my C which does not have the front switch does have a plastic or 
                                    glass front cover. It does not have a rear rangefinder lens (cover?) but 
                                    the round recess where it would be is deep enough to accommodate one along
                                    with the appropriate retaining ring which is a circular piece of spring steel
                                    wire on my C2s and C3s. I believe the Cs were equipped with a flat glass rear
                                    rangefinder lens like many (most?) later C series Arguses.
                                         By the way among my many other Arguses I have an OLIVE DRAB (not brown)
                                    Model A in the original box. Anybody else seen one of these?
                                                           Charles Spickard