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Books/Information About Argus Cameras

Subject: Argus Book Question
                                    Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 12:22:07 -0800
                                    From: "Kelly's"
                                    We had a question from the web site last week about where to get books
                                    that cover Argus cameras.  I know of two:
                                    The American 35mm, by Lahue & Baily, 1972, ISBN 0-814-0176-8
                                    Glass Brass and Chrome by Lahue and Baily, 1972, ISBN 0-8061-0968-8
                                    These two should be available from large libraries or on inter-library
                                    There was a series of paperback books sold in camera stores too. 
                                    Please let us all know if there are other books you know about that have
                                    Argus information.
                                    When we get your reply, we will place an area on the web page with this
                                    Bob Kelly

Subject: Argus books
                                    Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 21:18:26 -0700
                                    From: "Phillip Sterritt"
                                    Probably most of the people in the group are familiar with the Kenneth
                                    Tydings books ("The Argus 35mm Guide and Reference Book",
                                    copyright 1952 by Greenberg: Publisher, a corporation, Library of
                                    Congress Catalog Card number 52-8125, at least 9 editions published with
                                    some variation in content throughout the run). 
                                    I had heard about, and just got from the library, "Picture Making with
                                    the Argus C20, C3, C4, C44" by Jacob Deschin, second edition copyright
                                    1957 by Camera Craft Publishing Co.  Library of Congress Catalog Card No.
                                    is 57-13244  It was apparently originally published in 1954 as
                                    "Picture Making with the Argus C3, C4, A4".
                                    I find this book to be both better written and better illustrated than the
                                    Tydings books, with many quality photographs by good photographers,
                                    as well as nice illustrations of the cameras covered.  I'd recommend it
                                    to anyone wanting to learn how to use Arguses covered in the book. 
                                    Phil Sterritt

Subject: Historical info
                                    Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 08:07:31 -0700
                                    From: "Phillip Sterritt"
                                    I've been running into some interesting information on Argus history in
                                    books and magazines (Popular Photography, Modern Photography)
                                    from the 1940s and 50s.  It's mostly been stuff that I find buried in
                                    articles and advertisements, anecdotal comments about when certain features
                                    first appeared on various cameras, a bit about the Argus plant in Ann
                                    Arbor, etc.
                                       If anyone out there finds similar kinds of information, please send it
                                    into the server, along with info on where you got it.
                                       Also, I recently found a couple of interesting sources of information
                                    on the website of the University of Michigan's library collection, but it's
                                    stuff that sounds like they don't let out of the building.  Is there anyone
                                    in the group who lives near the U of Mich, and could possibly get in to
                                    have a look at this stuff?  It's some written information and pictures from
                                    a couple of people who worked at Argus, and some kind of marketing
                                    document from Argus.  It's in the Bentley Historical Library, located on
                                    the North Campus of the University of Michigan.
                                    Phil Sterritt