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Argus Sandmar 100mm Viewfinders
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Argus Sandmar 100mm Viewfinders

Hi all,
                                    I've got a couple of questions that I'm sure someone on this list knows the
                                    answer to.  
                                    First,  I picked up a shoe mounted finder recently that is marked "Sandmar
                                    100mm."  It is the tubular sight type finder, actually shaped more like a
                                    Grecian urn on its side.  It has a parallax correction feature on the eyeball
                                    side as well.  I assumed it would slide into the Argus C3 accessory shoe and
                                    be usuable with the TeleSandmar 100.  Wrong!   Not only is the shoe too small
                                    for the C3 accessory shoe but it is too small for a standard flash/accessory
                                    shoe on any camera I have.  The foot is narrow at only about .55 inches.  What
                                    the heck did I end up with here?  What other cameras used a Sandmar lens?  The
                                    shoe is as manufactured with original finish so I would rule out it having
                                    been custom machined.  
                                    Carl Turner

I have a couple of Sandmar viewfinder items: One is a 'Sandmar Zoom-Vue
                                    35-135' viewfinder, which also has parallax correction.  Though nicely
                                    finished, its 'Zoom Vue' refers to a dimly visible mask which changes size
                                    within a viewfinder the viewing angle of which changes not at all.  The
                                    other item is a 'Sandmar Zoom-Vue Accessory Shoe for Argus C3', also nicely
                                    made of metal.  It is only necessary for the shoeless C3, as the Zoom Vue
                                    finder fits the C3 shoe.  The accessory shoe came in the original box, which
                                    states that it was sold by Geiss-America.
                                    Phillip Sterritt

Sounds like the Zoom Vue would be the hot setup for shooting with all four
                                    lenses as it covers that last 135mm length that the other Argus finders
                                    neglect.  I've used the plastic 35-100 finder mounted in a shoe.  I guess
                                    there was an earlier version that had the spring clip to attach to the earlier
                                    bodies without accessory shoes.  This finder is pretty easy to see through on
                                    35mm but when you flip forward the 100 mask the peephole is kind of small to
                                    do much fancy composing through.   I've also used the 35-50-100 turret finder
                                    from the C44 which is pretty slick but it doesn't fit into my camera case
                                    without removing the finder every time so I stuck with the lower profile
                                    plastic jobbie.  For 135mm Soligar work I would just use the 100 finder and
                                    frame up the scene with plenty of daylight around the edge, centering the main
                                    subject of the scene dead center so I would snag most of it on the negative.
                                    Not a perfect solution for the 135.  
                                    Another trick I figured out for the 135 is that the rangefinder window in the
                                    C3 gives me just about the same frame size as a 135mm finder I have for Leica
                                    copies.  This would have been almost perfect but for the fact that the upper
                                    half of the frame presents itself as a semicircle and the bottom half is a
                                    little tough for me to see where the edges of the frame actually are (dirty
                                    mirrors the most likely cause of this).  But if I had nothing else I could
                                    probably make due with just the rangefinder window to frame up 135mm shots.  

I've got one of those finders too. If you find out what the heck it is how
                                    about letting the rest of us know. I wonder if there might have been another
                                    piece which went with it to hook up to a shoeless C3, although I know of
                                    another member who has one also and describes it as just like ours.

I have a September 1952, Modern Photography with a Geiss advertisement.
                                    It is selling the New Tele-Sandmar 100mm lens.  
                                    (this is not an Argus ad)
                                    It shows the finder on a C3. There seems to be a plate added to the top
                                    of the C3.  It looks to be held in place by the small screw above the
                                    viewfinder and the round silver plate above the range finder window. 
                                    The plate is about 1.25 inches wide and fits on top of the camera. It
                                    seem to cover the top of the camera from front to back.
                                    Bob Kelly