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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 20:22:03 +0200
                                    I recently attended the Brimfield Flea Market in the Mass. town of the
                                    same name.  There I purchased a working Argus slide projector in a very
                                    nice black leather and wood carrying case.  The interesting piece was
                                    one I did not buy, an Argus parts box.  It consisted of a flat black
                                    leather box about 8x12 x1.5 in.  The top was hinged on one of the long
                                    sides and had a snap closure.   Inside were (if memory serves me
                                    correctly) 36 screw top clear plastic vials arrayed 4x9 in a partitioned
                                    section, numbered on top of the caps, and containing Ax through Cx Argus
                                    small camera parts--screws, pins, dials, etc.  To the right of the vials
                                    was a section marked Tools, which was empty.  The vials had apparently
                                    shrunk, as the screw caps no longer engaged the threads firmly, if they
                                    engaged them at all.  The inside of the cover held a  pasted in map of
                                    the vials listing contents and price.  The cover was embossed ARGUS on
                                    the outside, and the map was very well printed and official.  The price
                                    was more than I cared to pay, the Tools were missing (there might not
                                    have been any supplied with the parts kit), and it was not clear to me
                                    that the vials contained the right parts, although someone more
                                    knowledgable might have easily determined the parts were in fact
                                    appropriate.  But the total appeared to my inexperienced eyes to be
                                    quite correct and I report it to you in case it is an oddity.  Have any
                                    of you seen one of these elsewhere?  I guess I'm more intrigued by the
                                    out of the way things than the cameras for which they were made.