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Argus Parts

Subject: FORM results
                                    Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 19:29:31 -0800 (PST)
                                    Sent from Mail Form posted at:
                                    (ACG HELP FORM)  ACG, I NEED HELP!!
                                    I came across your site after getting a C2 in some
                                    camera stuff I purchased.  I am not a collector,
                                    but just wanted to know more about this camera.  
                                    In pursuits of information I called the Argus 
                                    company and was referred to the following:
                                    Ikon Photo Optical
                                    516A Beltline Boulevard
                                    Columbia, SC 29205
                                    PH# 1-803-787-1626
                                    Gentleman's name is Dick Kinsey
                                    Mr. Kinsey use to work for Argus many years ago, and
                                    bought out a lot of their parts for old cameras.
                                    He has parts available for sale, and I told him
                                    about your site.  He seemed very interested.
                                    He does not have Internet access so I decided to
                                    send this to you.  Perhaps he could help your 
                                    group out, and you might enjoy talking to him.