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Argus A Colors

Edited IDCC Swap Meet Ad
                                    From: Bob Kulinski 
                                    Subject: IDCC SWAP MEET AD
                                    Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 06:52:56 -0400
                                    Good morning. Bob Kulinski has a few items for sale. 
                                    ARGUS A GOLD with case. C9 $195 postpaid
                                    ARGUS A OLIVE with case C9 $120 postpaid

From: "Stephen Lyons"
                                    Subject: Olive A's
                                    Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 08:35:44 -0700
                                    A quick question for the group regarding the olive colored A's, do they
                                    have a characteristic serial number range and therefore predictable
                                    __//\__       Stephen Lyons

Subject: COLORED A'S
                                    Date: Fri, 12 Jun 98 12:22:29 PDT
                                    I  have 3 colored  A's
                                    Brown/Gold---single sprocket--no tripod socket #31402
                                    Olive/Chrome--single sprocket--with tripod socket #58534
                                    (has gray plastic lens trim)
                                    Gray/Chrome--double sprocket--with tripod socket #88712
                                    (has the same gray as body  on lens trim)
                                    Man of few words

Subject: Re: Olive A's
                                    Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 22:21:56 -0600
                                    >>Phil, it seems I read somewhere that A,s came in several colors, seems
                                    >I have heard white and brown mentioned, but I can't remember where I
                                    >read it. I've got a pretty good case of "CRS", you know, CAN'T
                                    >REMEMBER S-----TUFF. It might have been in something Jason Schneider
                                    >wrote. I don't consider him too reliable when he writes about Argus.
                                    >I've caught him in too many mistakes.
                                    >                                          Charles
                                    The white (or 'ivory' as I've heard it described) is pretty much Holy Grail
                                    material in the Argus collecting world.  I've never heard of one existing,
                                    never seen one offered for sale.  The reddish-brown one is pretty uncommon,
                                    but they turn up.  It has 'gold' (brass) metal parts, and the numbering,
                                    lettering and arrows are all in red.
                                    I've never determined to my satisfaction whether there really are distinct
                                    'olive' and 'gray' models,or whether that refers to the same color.  Both
                                    the olive/gray ones I've owned, the body looks olive, but the plastic lens
                                    trim looks gray -- maybe that's where it comes from.  One snail mail
                                    correspondent sent me his list of inventory, and he lists two 'olive' ones
                                    and one 'gray' one.  I asked him if there was a difference and if possible
                                    to send photos, but I've never heard back.  Maybe it's a secret.
                                    As you saw from my reply to Stephen Lyon's inquiry, there are gray ones all
                                    over the serial number map, and in both the common lens trim variations.  My
                                    red/brown one is #8457, has one sprocket and no tripod socket.
                                    I've heard older colored plastics like that sort of change color with age --
                                    'mellow' if you will.  Mine have a sort of pastelish quality about them,
                                    especially the red/brown one.  Both the olive/gray ones I had, the body
                                    color looked exactly the same, but I wouldn't be surprised to see two
                                    red/brown ones that looked subtly different.
                                    As you see, my information is about half speculation, so others are urged to
                                    chime in and set the record straight.
                                    Phil Sterritt

Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 02:11:20 +0000 (   )
                                    From: da 
                                    Subject: Re: Olive A
                                    Phil, Bob..
                                    I suspect then, that there is a grey variety as well as the white, brown,
                                    and olive...
                                    I also suspect that you would find these produced in small batches with
                                    consecutive serial numbers...say fewer than 100 or so, but probably a
                                    random number each time, since in plastic molding, you always have a few
                                    with imperfect color combinations whenever you change colours in the
                                    injection molds...
                                    So say they set out to make 50 olives, but really only ended up with 48
                                    that were completely olive...the rest went to the incinerator..
                                    I would also imagine that they numbered the cameras near the end of the
                                    production line, after they were sure that the thing was really gonna be a
                                    camera, and that the body shell didn't crack in half when the tried to
                                    tap the holes for the lens mount assembly...
                                    there may not be a rich enough supply of a's still in existence to prove
                                    this theory, but then again, if we work on it long enough, it just might
                                    I do tend to think though, that if we find two coloured a's that are only,
                                    say, 20 consecutive numbers apart, we would be safe in assuming that all
                                    those in between should be coloured.

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998, Kelly's wrote:
                                    > I have one Olive A
                                    > 60559
                                    > Argus-Ilez-Precise
                                    > has tripod mount 
                                    > single sprocket
                                    > i have a friend with a GRAY.  It is not olive it is GRAY
                                    > Bob Kelly

From: "Phillip Sterritt" 
                                    Subject: Re: Olive A's
                                    Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 14:22:34 -0600
                                    Here are the ones I know of:
                                    44672 -- tripod socket, single sprocket, Argus-Ilex-Precise lens
                                    48181 -- single sprocket
                                    59691 -- single sprocket, added focus mount like Bob Kelly's
                                    94262 -- described as 'gray' by same guy who has above 2 'olives' -- dual
                                    98474 -- tripod socket, double sprocket, IRC f4.5 Anastigmat lens (same body
                                    color as 44672)
                                    Phil Sterritt

From - Sat Jun 13 17:02:46 1998
                                    From what we've heard from folks about gray and olive model As, I am pretty
                                    sure that the ones I reported earlier are really the following colors:
                                    44672 -- tripod socket, single sprocket, Argus-Ilex-Precise lens -- OLIVE
                                    48181 -- single sprocket -- OLIVE
                                    59691 -- single sprocket, added focus mount like Bob Kelly's -- OLIVE
                                    94262 -- described as 'gray' by same guy who has above 2 'olives' -- dual
                                    sprocket -- GRAY
                                    98474 -- tripod socket, double sprocket, IRC f4.5 Anastigmat lens (same body
                                    color as 44672) -- OLIVE