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Argus 3D Camera

Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 14:24:33 -0500
                                    To: (Argus Collectors Group)
                                    From: Jerry Vincent 
                                    Howdy Argus freaks!
                                    Anyone out there know much about a 3D camera and viewer with the Argus name
                                    recently put out on the market?  One of my fellow Minneapolis Antique Camera
                                    Club members has one he got at a camera show in Chicago ($50, to be sold for
                                    $89.95).  It was kind of neat.  It had "argus" printed on it in the familiar
                                    style and I believe it was made in China and fairly well finished.
                                    Exposures were made on color print film, processed normally (2 verticals per
                                    4x6) and slipped into the viewer.  The effect was kind of modest, probably
                                    due to the composition of his photos and possibly because of my extreme
                                    nearsightedness with thick eyeglass lenses.  I am contemplating getting one
                                    but it is kind of over my collecting budget (self imposed, trying to keep it
                                    all light-hearted). Maybe I can borrow it and share my experience with you guys.
                                    Jerry Vincent
                                    PS:  I sinned (acquired foreign made Argus) and bought an Argus Cosina STL
                                    slr (dead and cheap, am attempting to fix) and an Argus slr called a CR-1
                                    (works fine, cheap).  Both are simple Pentax screw mount slr cameras with
                                    match needle metering.  Hopefully I haven't compromised my flag waving

Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 16:04:51 -0700
                                    From: "Kelly's" 
                                    For complete infromation on the Argus 3D go to  Also an
                                    excellent article on the C3 at this address.
                                    Bob Kelly

From: John Stewart 
                                    Subject: Re: Argus 3D camera
                                    My company is currently one of the few places where you can order and get
                                    an Argus 3D camera.  It is shipped direct from the "factory" in Des Plaines.
                                    For printed info, call ARGUS at 1-888-55-ARGUS.  When it comes time to
                                    order, call 800-647-8273.  We accept all cards and can give info for
                                    sending checks, etc.  Sorry, WE HAVE NO PRINTED INFO AND CANNOT "CHAT"
                                    about the camera on our toll free line!
                                    The camera is $76.95 + $8.95 shipping/insurance.  You also get the deluxe
                                    viewer, case and one year Argus warranty. I think they are also including
                                    batteries and film.
                                    Extra mini viewers are $4.95 each.
                                    Hope this helps.