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Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 10:24:52 -0400
                                    From: "Robert V. Merz" 
                                    Hello group; I have another strange Argus camera to report. I have never
                                    seen this camera before, and thought I'd better put some feelers out
                                    It is an Argus 264 Instant Load made in Japan of all places. Serial
                                    number 487412. Takes a flashcube like the Kodak instamatics called an
                                    "auto cube." Lens is an Argus coated, Cintar. Shutter speed is fixed;
                                    focus is controlled by rotating the lens which goes from 3 feet to 30
                                    feet and infinity. Also has a light meter. I can send JPGs (smaller than
                                    30k and fine quality) to anyone interested. Was not able to find this
                                    camera in any of my collectible boos including McKeown's.
                                    R. Merz
                                    An ardent collector of cameras...
                                    Do you have any old cameras you don't want around? Please e-mail me!