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C44 Manual: Loading your camera
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Turn the lock (on camera bottom) to open and remove the back. Move the film wind lever with your thumb (on a C44R) or turn the wind knob (on a C44) until it will go no further. Then rotate the film takeup spool with your thumb until the flat side and roller are facing up.

Insert a 35mm magazine in the camera and thread a length of the film leader equal to three perforations of film under the roller of the takeup spool.
Press the shutter release and move the film wind lever to begin advancing the film. The film perforations should be engaged on the sprocket. Replace the back on the camera and lock it.

Move the film wind lever with your thumb (on a C44R) or turn the wind knob (on a C44) until it will go no further. Press the shutter release, then repeat this process one more time.

Set the exposure counter to the number of pictures (36, 24, 12, etc) on the roll you just loaded. As you take pictures, the counter will show the number of pictures left on the roll. When the counter shows zero, you are at the end of the roll.
When you have reached the end of a roll of film, you must rewind the film into the magazine BEFORE YOU OPEN THE BACK.

If you have a C44R: To unfold the rewind crank, slide the red button toward the crank handle and let the crank pop up. Lift it out of the knob as shown. To rewind the film, hold the wind lever in toward the counter while you turn the crank in the direction of the arrow.

If you have a C44: Lift the wind knob and turn it 1/4 turn in the opposite direction you normally wind it. To rewind the film, turn the rewind knob in the direction of the arrow.

Rewind until the film counter stops turning, then a few more turns to wind the film leader completely into the magazine. Open the back, remove the film and have it processed promptly.