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Argus C Survey

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The Argus Collectors Group is conducting a survey to identify the attributes of the Argus C, C2 and C3. The  purpose of the survey is to document changes in features of the camera family over their  production life.
The data collected will be posted on the ACG web site for all to use.


Have your camera handy, then proceed by answering each question, selecting one answer each from the drop down menus.

Some of the questions will refer you to figures which can be found on a supplemental page with illustrations.  CLICK HERE to open the page in another window before starting.

When you are done, please CHECK YOUR ANSWERS CAREFULLY and then click on the [Submit] button to send us the information.

If any of the features of your camera don't match the choices provided, please describe them in the 'comments' section at the bottom of this page.

(1) SERIAL NO. - What is the camera serial number? Be sure to include any alphabetic prefix or suffix.
(2) SERIAL NO. LOCATION - Where is the serial number located?
(3) SHUTTER SPEEDS - What are the shutter speeds? [Please see reference photo page.]
(4) APERTURES - What are the lens apertures (f/stops) as shown on the front or side of the lens?
(5) LABELING - What is the labeling on the front of the lens?
(6) RANGE FINDER - What is the range of numbers on the dial marked 'Range Finder'
(7) COUPLING GEAR - Is there a gear coupling the lens to the Range Finder on the front of the camera?
(8) FLASH SOCKET- Are there two holes on the side of the body to connect a flash?
(9) NAMEPLATE - is there a nameplate on the front of the camera to the left of the lens?
(10) COCKING LEVER - Describe the shutter cocking lever on the front of the camera (refer to reference photos).
(11) ACCESSORY SHOE - Is there an accessory shoe on top of the body above viewfinder?
(12) BODY COVER - What is the color of the body covering?
(13) F/S SWITCH - Is there a switch labeled 'F-S' on the front of the camera below the shutter cock lever?
(14) SHUTTER RELEASE - Which shutter release button does your camera have? (Please refer to reference photo page to answer this question.)
(15) BACK DOOR - Describe the back door of your camera.
(19) COMMENTS - Please provide any additional comments about your camera:
(20) FULL NAME (optional):
(21) EMAIL ADDRESS: (optional):

The ACG thanks you for your help!